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Suggest an Item for Purchase

  1. Use this form to request an item for purchase that the Ruby B. Archie Public Library does not currently have in circulation. It is the goal of the library’s staff to develop a collection that meets the needs of the local community, while reflecting the variety of interest found among the library’s patrons.
  2. Please note: Certain issues may limit library purchases. These issues include, but may not be limited to: funding, shelving and storage space, public demand, availability of an item or items at nearby libraries or through the interlibrary loan process, and local standards. For more info, see link at the bottom of this form.
  3. Please use one form per request.
  4. Contact Information
  5. Please enter a valid Phone Number or Email Address where we can contact you if necessary.
  6. Item Information
  7. Is there anything else you would like us to know about this item?
  8. If the item is ordered, a hold for the item will be placed upon the patron's account and they will be notified when the item arrives. Patrons may also contact the Ruby B. Archie Public Library to find out more information on the status of their request.
  9. If the item is not ordered, then it means that it did not meet one or more of the library's purchase requirements. For more info on the library's selection processes, click the link below.
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