Make a Report

Report Fraud
One of the biggest problems facing law enforcement is identifying and apprehending con artists because the victims are reluctant and embarrassed to report the crime. This is what con artists count on. Don't help them get away with their crime. The only way the Police Department can stop these criminals is if you report it. You weren't their first victim and you won't be their last.

Contact the Danville Police Department at 434-799-6510 if you have been the victim of fraud or if you have witnessed a scheme taking place. If the department can assist you or our organization with additional information or a timely presentation on Identity Theft / Awareness and Prevention, contact the Crime Prevention Office at 434-797-8898 or by email.

Additionally, you may wish to visit the Federal Trade Commission's website for timely tips, prevention strategies and a step by step guide for reporting fraud or identity theft.