Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of 732-lane miles of City streets. Street Maintenance provides repair services such as pothole repair, curb and gutters, sidewalks, low shoulders, and guardrails

(City Code Chapter 35).

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the foundation for an effective pavement management program. Preventive maintenance would be those activities used to maintain the present condition and extend the service life of a roadway.

Drainage Maintenance

The most important thing a roadway must have to ensure a long life is adequate storm drainage. Properly maintained drainage systems, including shoulders and ditches, ensure good drainage conditions for our roadways. Over time, drainage structures, culverts, and ditches tend to fill in with sediment and shoulders may be rutted out by traffic or even swell, prohibiting effective drainage. These conditions must be corrected periodically or more expensive structural damage can result.

Pothole Repair

Potholes on our City streets are a nightmare for motorists. It is the goal of the Street Maintenance Division to repair any potholes reported to us as soon as possible.

Report a pothole by calling the Street Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department at 434-799-5245 or submit online. Please be prepared to give us accurate information on the location of your concern to ensure a timely response. Please give a physical address and your phone number.

Street Sweeping

The primary objective is to provide routine sweeping and cleaning of high-traffic areas throughout the City where accumulations of debris occur. The description of these services includes the cleaning of all curbs, gutters, median curbs, turning lanes, and underpasses located in the City as designated by staff. Sweeping paved streets that have curbs and gutters to remove trash and litter minimizes the impact on stormwater systems.

Currently, there are three shifts in operation. First shift sweeps in residential areas. Second and third shifts take care of main thoroughfares and areas that have a heavier traffic volume during the day.

Curbs and Gutters

Repairs and replacements of curbs and gutters are completed on an as-needed basis. New installation is provided through Capital Improvement Projects (City Code, Chapter 35.7-11).


Property owners are responsible for installation and maintenance of driveways (City Code, Chapter 35.10-11).


Repair and maintenance to damaged guardrails is completed on an as-needed basis. New guardrails are installed where needed.

Low Shoulders

Street Maintenance repairs low shoulders along roadways as-needed.

Resurfacing Program

City streets are surveyed and a prioritized maintenance schedule is created annually to resurface those streets in the most need of repair.


Street Maintenance repairs and replaces sidewalks on an as-needed basis (City Code, Chapter 35.7).