Fire Stations & Training Center

Station Information
The Danville Fire Department is comprised of seven stations located throughout the 43.7 square miles of the City of Danville. The department, in partnership with neighboring Pittsylvania County, jointly owns and operates a training facility on Stinson Drive in Danville.

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Stations Map

Fire Stations
Fire Station #1 / Headquarters
600 Lynn Street
Fire Station #1 is the newest fire station in the City of Danville. Built in 2014,this station houses Engine 1, Ladder 1, Tower 1, the Battalion Chief's vehicle, and other support vehicles.

The administrative offices are located in this station and are open Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm.
Station 1
Fire Station #2
250 Piney Forest Road
Fire Station #2 houses Engine 2 and Ladder 2. Ladder 2 is the department's reserve aerial.
Station No 2_thumb_thumb.jpg
Fire Station #3
1315 Industrial Avenue
Fire Station #3 houses Engine 3 and reserve apparatus Engine 9.
Station 3.jpg
Fire Station #4
2152 W. Main Street
Fire Station #4 houses Engine 4, Tender 4, and Brush 10.
Station No 4_thumb_.jpg
Fire Station #5
114 Third Avenue
Fire Station #5 houses Engine 5 and the Tactical Rescue Trailer.
Station No 5_thumb.jpg
Fire Station #6
3165 Westover Drive
Fire Station #6 houses Engine 6 and reserve apparatus Engine 8.
Station 6.jpg
Fire Station #7
423 Airport Drive
Fire Station #7 houses Engine 7 and the Hazardous Materials Response Team Trailer. The facility also has a large classroom used for training.
Station No 7_thumb.jpg
Danville & Pittsylvania County Regional Training Center
658 Stinson Drive
The Training Center is equipped for live fire training, rescue, and tactical training for Danville and Pittsylvania County firefighters.

Organizations may rent the Center by contacting the Regional Fire Training Center office at 434-799-5226 and by completing an Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Claim.
Trng Building _thumb.jpg