Library Cards


Patrons residing within a 50-mile radius of Ruby B. Archie Public Library are eligible to obtain a free library card. Individuals who work within the City of Danville who live outside of the radius may receive a card with proof of employment and a valid driver's license, state, or federally issued ID.

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Patrons are required to renew Library cards every two years. The replacement charge for a lost or stolen card is $2.

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Digital access cards

The DPL Digital Access Card can be used to access all of our online services. Eligible patrons must live within a 50-mile radius of Ruby B. Archie Public Library, be 18 or older, and have an email address. Cards must be renewed annually. In order to apply for one, fill out this form. Your card will be mailed to you along with information about the library and services offered provided the form is filled out correctly and in its entirety.  

Digital Card Application