Officer of the Month

Officer of the Month

The Danville Police Department implemented an Officer of the Month program in 2018. Each month, Chief Scott Booth asks supervisors assigned to the Operations Division to select an officer that has gone “above and beyond” in the performance of his or her duties and write up a brief synopsis detailing those efforts. The members of the command staff then meet, review the submissions, and make a selection. The same process is also followed for the Services Division, and an officer assigned to a unit other than Operations is selected as well.

October was a challenging month for the City of Danville and the Danville Police Department.  So many of you put yourself in harm’s way during the storm – in my opinion, the entire department performed exceptionally well and I wish I could award each and every one of you with the title Officer of the Month.  I have received an enormous amount of positive feedback from the community, and several lifesaving awards have been submitted to recognize the heroic actions of so many of you. I am so very proud to be your Chief.  Thank you for what you do each and every day!

We had several officers submitted for recognition by their supervisors this month and I would like to congratulate the following for their selection as the Officers of the Month for the month October 2018. 

- Chief Scott Booth

Wilson, E.G - October 2018 OoTM

Patrol - Officer Evan G. Wilson

During the month of October, there were three separate calls where Officer Wilson’s actions showed his dedication to our citizens’ need during a time of crisis.  First, a suicide call where he rushed to supply first aid for the victim while consoling family members present.  Second, a serious motor vehicle crash where first aid was applied and possibly saved the victim’s life.  Third, dealing with a possible suicidal subject, he was able to assess the situation and eliminate the threat for a positive outcome.  Great Job!

Specialty Assignment - Officer Charles W. Willard

Officer Willard undoubtedly saved a citizen from drowning during Tropical Storm Michael.  He was swept away downhill towards a flooded intersection by the force of the water.  While fighting to keep himself from being drowned, he reached out and pulled a female citizen to him as she was also being swept away.  Due to the rapidly rising water and force at which it was moving in conjunction with the pressure from the drain, escape would have been highly unlikely.  Outstanding work!

Willard, C.W. - October 2018 OoTM
Dixon, J.D. - October 2018 OoTM

Specialty Assignment - Officer John D. Dixon

Officer Dixon has sustained a high level of performance by reducing violent crime through multiple convictions.  His hard work led to the first conviction of 3 total co-defendants this month.  He also led the child sex investigation case which led to guilty pleas in US Federal Court.  Along with this, he jumped in to assist his fellow detectives in getting numerous people out of stranded vehicles during Tropical Storm Michael.  Excellent Work!