Employee Recognition

Officer of the Month

The Danville Police Department implemented an Officer of the Month program in 2018. Each month, Chief Scott Booth asks supervisors assigned to the Operations Division to select an officer that has gone “above and beyond” in the performance of his or her duties and write up a brief synopsis detailing those efforts. The members of the command staff then meet, review the submissions, and make a selection. The same process is also followed for the Services Division, and an officer assigned to a unit other than Operations is selected as well.

For the month of February 2020, I would like to congratulate the following officers for their selection as the Officers of the Month:

Officer T.D. Betts

Officer, T. D. Betts

Officer of the Month

Officer T. D. Betts  – On 02-04-2020, he was on patrol when he noticed a vehicle with a traffic infraction. Officer Betts lost sight of the vehicle, but he was able to locate it again, and no one was around the vehicle.  In the vehicle, he discovered a stolen license plate from a burglary in North Carolina.  Officer Betts called for a K-9, and K9Rooster conducted a track and alerted on a suspect.  Officer Betts noticed the smell of marijuana on the suspect and found a large bag of marijuana in the vehicle and a firearm in the street.  He talked to Investigators from North Carolina, and the vehicle had been at the scene of a burglary in North Carolina. The investigator stated they found shell casings and blood at the scene as well. Officer Betts obtained a search warrant on the suspect for his DNA.  The evidence gathered in this incident will prove to be vital to the North Carolina authorities in solving their burglary.  Officer Betts sets a positive example for the officers on the platoon by his willingness to help others.  Officer Betts is an exceptional officer!

Officer,  M. A. Brandon

Specialty Officer of the Month

Officer M. A. Brandon  - On 02-10-2020, he responded to a call and smelled the odor of marijuana and obtained a search warrant for the residence.  He located a large amount of individually wrapped packages of K-2.   Following up on this evidence, Officer Brandon obtained a second search warrant for possession with intent to distribute narcotics. This search produced more K-2 with packaging materials, a stolen firearm, multiple ski masks, and a bulletproof vest. Officer Brandon obtained a third search warrant and recovered a second stolen firearm. Also found was a large bag of marijuana. Officer Brandon arrested the suspect for distribution of marijuana, distribution of illegal narcotics (K-2) and possession of a firearm while distributing drugs. Outstanding job!.


Officer M.A. Brandon
Officer J.A. Booth

Officer J. A. Booth

Officer of the Month

On 1-1-20, he responded to a disturbance call. Officer Brown arrived on the scene and could hear yelling. He ran to the area and observed a male with a hammer assaulting a female. Officer Brown was able to wrestle the hammer away from the suspect. His decisive action kept the victim from sustaining more serious injuries from this assault.  Officer Brown is a dedicated officer and works hard to get the job done. He goes above and beyond to protect the citizens of Danville. Officer Brown takes the initiative and does not hesitate to answer calls to help anyone in any given situation.  

Supervisor of the Quarter

The Danville Police Department implemented a Supervisor of the Quarter program in 2019.  Chief Scott C. Booth asked supervisors in the ranks of Captain, Lieutenant and Sergeant, to select a supervisor that has performed “above and beyond” his or her job duties and to write a brief synopsis detailing those efforts.  The members of the command staff then meet to review the submissions and make a selection.

Lieutenant E. D. Land

Lieutenant E. D. Land

During the 4th Quarter of 2019, she discovered a social media thread concerning multiple overdose victims. She reached out to witnesses who could provide invaluable information and convinced them to speak to law enforcement. Lieutenant Land notified her supervision and special investigations of the widespread overdoses. Due to her initiative and documentation, the investigation into this problem was started, potential victims were saved and the suspects were being pursued. During the same quarter, Lieutenant Land offered to have some of the officers on her shift assist another platoon allowing an officer to be with his family during a family emergency. Additionally, Lieutenant Land suggested that crime prevention flyers be developed and disseminated in area shopping centers for the holiday season to offset potential larcenies and other holiday-related crimes. The idea became a reality with positive results.

Great work!

Please join me in congratulating our supervisor of the quarter for the 4th Quarter of 2019!

Scott C. Booth
Chief of Police