Recreational Services

Our recreational program has been developed with the understanding that many of our residents do not know how to plan and properly participate in recreational activities. The detention home attempts to offer a variety of recreational and leisure time opportunities that hopefully will have a positive effect on the resident when they return to the community.

These activities are provided both inside and outside (in our outside recreation area). Outside activities include, but are not limited to, basketball, softball, flag football, volleyball, and foot races. Inside activities are held in the gymnasium, library, and dayroom areas. They include, but are not limited to, board games, video games, jigsaw puzzles, basketball, cards, volleyball, stickball, and arts and crafts.

In addition, special recreational activities are offered throughout the year. These include field day, holiday parties, and contests and tournaments. Many of these events give the child an opportunity to win prizes or earn trophies and certificates. Our youth care staff and our health & physical education teacher coordinate the recreational services and programs.