School Resource Officers

Through a cooperative agreement with the Danville Public School System, six School Resource Officers (SRO) are assigned to area high, middle, and elementary schools. SROs provide security to their assigned schools and interact with students and staff to maintain a safe environment. This interaction also provides another positive role model for students. Officers are involved in many areas of school life, including school extracurricular activities.

School Resource Officers also host programs, such as Special Olympics, for the schools and the community at large.

The Special Olympics is a big event for the SROs. They help organize the Torch Run, which is a national law enforcement event that mirrors the carrying of the Olympic torch. In this event, law enforcement officers carry the Special Olympic torch through their individual jurisdictions to raise money and show their support.

The officers also raise money throughout the year for the Special Olympics with "Tip A Cop" at participating restaurants, where officers wait on patrons who then make a donation in the form of a tip to support the cause. Other events during the year also included the Safe Skate Event at Danville's Skate Town and Cover the Cruiser fund raisers at various locations in the City.