Compost / Mulch

The compost facility is located on Stinson Drive, off Airport Road (behind the Danville Regional Airport and beyond the closed landfill). Yard waste and leaves are ground up creating 10,000 tons of compost/mulch annually.

Drop Off / Pick Up

Area residents can utilize the facility for dropping off yard waste or picking up compost/mulch at no charge. If available, the front-end loader, which is onsite to feed the grinder, will load your vehicle. If a loader is not available, residents are free to load mulch themselves. Wood is also available for firewood.

Compost Facility Hours

The compost facility is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The days per week vary depending on the time of year. See schedule below: 

Spring / Summer (April 1st through September 30th): Tuesday through Saturday
Fall / Winter (October 1st through March 31st): Monday through Friday
Days and hours are subject to change.
Loader operator availability is subject to change.

Map of South Boston Road with compost facility marked with red star

Call the Public Works Department at 434-799-5245 for more information or to verify a loader is onsite. The loader is onsite to feed the grinder and may not always be available for loading.