Tax Abatement

Tax Abatement for Buildings: Razed, Destroyed, or Damaged

The City of Danville Code Chapter 37, Article III, Section 37-49.1 provides an application for the abatement of levies on buildings which are razed, destroyed, or damaged by a fortuitous happening beyond the control of the owner. No such abatement, however, will be allowed if the destruction or damage to such building will decrease the value thereof by less than five hundred dollars ($500). Also, no such abatement will be allowed if such destruction or damage will be repaired during the same general year in which it occurred. The tax on such razed, destroyed, or damaged building is computed according to the ratio which the portion of the fiscal year the building was fit for use, occupancy, and enjoyment bears to the entire year. Application for such abatement must be made by or on behalf of the owner of the building within six months of the date on which the building was razed, destroyed, or damaged in order for the owner to receive that abatement.

For an application, contact the Real Estate Assessment office at 434-799-5120, Community Development at 434-799-5261, or Tax Abatement Application Form (PDF).

Tax Abatement for Rehabilitated Buildings

The City of Danville Code Chapter 37, Article XI, Section 37-169, 170 & 171 provides, if the property qualifies, a partial exemption from taxation of real estate on which any structure or other improvement has undergone substantial rehabilitation or renovation.

For more information and an application, contact Economic Development at 434-793-1753 or Real Estate Tax Abatement Form (PDF).