City Currents

A Guide to Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Programs
City Currents is an interactive program produced by River City TV that highlights the many programs offered within the City of Danville's Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Department. The show is hosted by Department staff at many of the City's facilities and program sites. During every show we highlight each division's top programs for the upcoming season.

These programs are selected by the staff, and the show gives the viewer an inside look into what to expect when they participate in the programs. Our hosts and sometimes the participants demonstrate the programs and activities during the show. Past shows included instruction in golf, archery, and African dance moves.

The goal of City Currents is to give the community a better understanding of just how fun our programs can be while keeping Danville happy and healthy!

Program Suggestions
To suggest programs and activities for City Currents, email Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Department or call them at 434-799-5200.

Program Schedule
You can see City Currents on River City TV at these times:
  • Monday - 10am, 8:30pm, 1:30am
  • Tuesday - 3:30pm, 2:30am
  • Wednesday - 10am, 8:30pm, 1:30am
  • Thursday - 10am, 2:30pm
  • Friday - 10am, 8:30pm, 1:30am
  • Saturday - 10am, 3:30pm, 8pm, 2:30am
  • Sunday - 10am, 2:30pm
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Past shows from this season are also available as webcasts! Please note that you must have Windows Media Player to view these webcasts.