Current art pieces

The Danville Art Trail (DAT) is an 18-month exhibit of outdoor sculptures in public places, combined with murals, Victorian architecture, and points of interest. Art is located within a one-mile radius of the JTI Fountain at 111 Main Street in the vibrant River District of Danville, Virginia. The gallery below lists the current pieces featured in Danville along with information about each piece when available. 

Quarks VII
Guy J. Bellaver

Quarks VII

The Quark Series includes 17 sculptures inspired by the particle collider at Fermilab. The collisions can only be seen when captured by a high resolution camera. Those images are the basis for the Series, which explores mass that is exploding and creating disintegrating arcs–the fiberglass represents mass and the rod represents that mass leaving one area, and exploding into another.

The configuration of the fiberglass sections and the color palette of Quarks VII–the aptly named Sulphur Yellow and Charcoal Grey – are designed to explore shadow and light within the energy masses.

Arriving home
Charlie Brouwer

Arriving Home

"“Arriving Home” is part of a series I call “Homebodies”. The notion of “home” is very rich and complicated–it’s where we grew up, where we live now and where we’re headed. Many think of our ultimate destiny as our “final home”. We enjoy traveling, but there is no place like home. Home can be where we feel at peace, but when things go wrong or we just need a change of scenery–it’s best to leave home with hopes of finding a new one. This sculpture expresses the joy felt upon arriving at wherever home happens to be."

Moon Phase/Tidal Reach
Bobby Donovan

"A key inspiration for me is the natural world. I enjoy exploring the seemly chaotic aspects of nature. This allows me to discover the underlying formal structure that are always present. Moon Phase is from an on-going sculpture series entitled “Tidal Reach”. I have been recently intrigued with the idea; we are surrounded by both the seen and unseen. Specifically, Moon Phase references the unseen gravitation pull of lunar forces. The artwork is intended to suggest nature’s constant recalibration–the sometimes obvious, but more often obscure mechanisms, which direct bodies in flux to a harmonious equilibrium."

John Parker


The forms from nature that I have drawn from for these sculptures are taken from insect life-segmented, hard shelled bodies, robotic and armor coated, yet able to instantly take flight. The large scale of these otherwise small creatures comes from reality and fantasy of the prehistoric world. 

Mesozoic Bench
Charles Pilkey

Mesozoic Bench

The stones are river pebbles collected from creeks near the Smoky Mountains. They are of Mesozoic Age (hence the title). The work is an abstract representation of a Mesozoic landscape. It also functions as a bench.

Pamela Reithmeier


"Dragonflies are beautiful insects with a lot of symbolism. Change, transformation, adaptability and self-realization to name a few. I have many dragonflies visiting me in the summer at my shop. I enjoyed creating one from stainless steel, giving the wings a reflective quality."

Turning Point
Wayne Vaughn

Turning Point

"Bold geometric shapes with portals is my signature. At the genesis of Turning Point was this lunar landscaped defined as (n): a territory which the eye can comprehend in a single view, including all the objects it contains. It also coincides with the first corporate purchase of one of my pieces which marked a turning point in my career."

Core sprite
adam walls


This sculpture is part of a series that references imagery from sea life, life at a microscopic scale, and any life that springs forth or grows from its core.

Spiraling Away
Hanna Jubran


Hanna’s work addresses the concepts of time, movement, balance, and space. Each sculpture occupies and creates its own reality influenced by its immediate surroundings. The work does not rely on one media to evoke the intended response, but takes advantage of compatible materials such as, wood, granite, steel, iron, and bronze.

Full circle
Jason Smith

Full Circle

Designed to encompass and embrace one’s journey and how circumstances can bring a life full circle.

Richard Whitehill


Three moon shaped crescents rotate around each other in a delicate dance.

Furious Angel
Scott Strader

Furious Angel

This piece has everything to do about tension and balance. The clipped wing tips are the cause of the furious angel.