Focus on Crime Reduction

Current Initiatives

Gang Task Force 

Led by City Manager Ken Larking, this working group will include professionals who deal with gang members and gang-related activity on a regular basis in order to coordinate efforts and develop recommendations for resource allocation. This includes organizations such as the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, Danville Sheriff’s Office, Danville Police Department, W.W. Moore, Jr. Juvenile Detention Home, Adult Detention, the Probation and Parole Office, and Danville Public Schools. 

Youth Task Force

Led by Deputy City Manager Earl Reynolds, this working group will meet to discuss ideas and make recommendations on actions that will help at-risk youth avoid heading down the wrong path.  

Responsible Gun Ownership

An alarming trend is Danville is the theft of firearms from gun owners. In 2016, 115 guns were stolen, with a large portion stolen from unlocked vehicles. A program on responsible gun ownership is being developed. 

Third Avenue Precinct

Using a home on Third Avenue, the Danville Police Depart will establish a small precinct off of North Main Street. This method has seen success in the past, with the Green Street Precinct becoming an additional base of operations for the department. The ribbon cutting for the facility occurred on April 29, 2017.

Targeted Burglary Reduction Program 

After a spike in burglaries in 2010, the Danville Police Department utilized data to better focus resources. Using a targeted approach and emphasizing police visibility, the rates have decreased from a high of 549 incidents in 2010 to 259 in 2016. The Danville Police Department will continue to use this method to deter such crime.