FY 2019 Adopted Budget & Capital and Special Project Plan

FY 2019 Adopted Budget Cover Page

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  • Table of Contents, City Profile, Organizational Chart, City Council Priorities, Glossary of Terms
Budget Message
  • Adopted Budget Transmittal Letter, Summary of Changes from Proposed to Adopted Budget, City Council Introductory Budget Transmittal Letter, Council Letters with Ordinance for DPS Carryforward, Council and Resolution for Support of DPS, Council Letter and Ordinance for Fee Increases, Council Letter and Ordinance for Meals Tax Increase, Council Letter, Resolutions, and Ordinances for FY 2019 Adopted Budget & Capital and Special Projects Plan
Budget Summary
  • Overview of Municipal Funds, Budget Calendar, All Funds Summary, Authorized Position Summary, Fund Balance Overview, Debt Service Overview

General Fund

General Fund

The General Fund includes the following:
General Government 
  • City Council, Mayor, Office of the City Manager, Clerk of Council, Human Resources, Budget Office, City Attorney, Office of Legislative Affairs, Independent Auditor, Commissioner of Revenue, Real Estate Assessment, Board of Equalization, Central Collections, City Treasurer, Finance Director/Administration, Accounting, Internal Auditor, Purchasing, Information Technology, Elections, Registrar
Judicial Administration 
  • Circuit Court, General District Court, Magistrate, 22nd District Court Service, Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Service, Clerk of Circuit Court, City Sheriff, Commonwealth Attorney, Commonwealth Attorney-Collections
Public Safety Administration 
  • Police Department, Medical Examiner, City Jail, Fire Department, Adult Detention, Juvenile Detention, Juvenile Intake Diversion, Emergency Services, Emergency Communication, Inspections
Public Works and Transportation
  • Airport, Amtrak Station, Public Works Administration, Public Works Engineering, Public Works Buildings and Grounds, Public Works Street Maintenance
Health and Welfare
  • Social Services, Property Tex Relief for the Elderly/Disabled
Parks, Recreation, and Cultural 
  • Parks and Recreation Administration, Community Recreation, Special Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Sports and Athletics, Tourism, Park Maintenance, Public Library
Community and Economic Development 
  • Community Development Director/Administration, Planning, Planning Commission, Zoning Board, Economic Development Administration, Enterprise Zone Activities
Non-Departmental Services 
  • Human Resources Benefits and Training, Debt Service, Miscellaneous Non-Departmental
Contributions to Other Entities 
  • Danville Community College, Danville Area Humane Society, Western Virginia EMS Council, Ambulance and Rescue, Health Department, Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services, Virginia Cooperative Extension Office, Southern Area Agency on Aging, West Piedmont Planning District, Metropolitan Planning Organization, Small Business Support , Industrial Development Authority, Downtown Danville Association
Transfers to/Support of 
  • Capital, Grants, Transportation, Cemeteries, RIFA, Danville Public Schools

Special Revenue Fund

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Funding 

Internal Service Funds

Insurance Fund
Central Services Fund
Motorized Equipment Fund 

Enterprise and Other Funds

Mass Transit Fund
Sanitation Fund
Cemetery Fund 

Utility Funds

Utilities Summaries
Wastewater Fund
Water Fund
Gas Fund
Electric Fund
Telecommunications Fund 

Capital and Special Projects

Summary and Project Detail


City of Danville Financial Policies