Danville's Neighborhood Night Out

In participation with National Night Out, invites you to participate in this year's Neighborhood Night Out Against Crime on Tuesday August 7, 2018! 
NNO 2018

On Tuesday  August 7, 2018 The Danville Police Department along with city government leaders, and department representatives, will be conducting Community Drop in Visits to Neighborhood Night Out sites around the city. We are fortunate to have 18 neighborhoods registered for Danville’s Night Out 2018.  Of those we have 12 sites hosting their own Night Out event. While some choose to have a private neighborhood association meeting, others go all out with open to the public community engagement styled events. We hope these visits will allow us to build new community connections and strengthen existing ones along the way. Our primary focus will be concentrated in areas where Neighborhood Watch is alive and well, and we look forward to visiting a neighborhood near you!

Click here for a list of 2018 Night Out Sites

For many years the Danville Police Department participated in large static Night Out events at a single venue. Over the last few years we have adjusted our our format to meet the changing needs of our city and our neighborhood watch programs. Night Out is a celebration of neighborhood networking, enhanced communication and the successes generated from community engagement. 

The Danville Police Department’s Crime Prevention Office has coordinated site visits to incorporate stops at as many of the neighborhood night out  hosting sites as possible. We have an overwhelming level of support from other city departments, non-profits and city government. Our goal is to engage the citizens we serve one neighborhood at a time!

While Night Out is a community event, it is specific to individual neighborhoods. Each hosting neighborhood has demonstrated their commitment to making their part of the city better for all concerned. The neighborhoods hosting for 2018 have accepted the challenges of working together, creating dialogue with their neighbors, police department and their city government. Additionally they have accepted the challenge of hosting a National Night Out event.


Are you and your neighbors up to the challenge for next year?

For more information, or to find out how to start a Neighborhood Watch in your community, contact the Crime Prevention Office at 434-797-8898 Ext. 2

Additionally, for 2018, we are honoring the origins of National Night Out by promoting the "Lights On" Campaign. The earliest Night Out celebrations included a Front Porch Light Vigil as a show of support for Neighborhood Watch and the Night Out initiative. We encourage you to take the pledge to Support Danville's Neighborhood Night. Click Here for more on the history of Night Out and the "Lights On" Campaign.

We look forward to visiting you in a neighborhood nearby, so mark your calendar and save the date for August 7 as we celebrate National Night Out!