Water & Wastewater Rates

Water & Wastewater Monthly Rates
Customer Charge
(by Water MeterSize)
(in dollars)
(in dollars)
Water &
(dollar total)
5/8" $8.85 $14.00 $22.85
1" $22.13 $34.75 $56.88
1 1/2" $44.25 $70.50 $114.75
2" $70.80 $113.00 $183.88

Consumption Charge
Consumption Charge
(per 100cubic feet of metered water)
Water Wastewater Water & Wastewater
(dollar total)
$2.40 $2.58 $4.98

Download a PDF of the complete 2015 - 2016 Water & Wastewater Rate Schedules and Riders

What is the Customer Charge?
The Customer Charge is a fixed monthly fee designed to evenly distribute costs Danville Utilities incurs when providing water service to customers. Examples of charges that are incurred are: meter reading, maintaining customer records, capital and maintenance costs and much more.In other words, whether customers use water or not, it costs to provide water service to each and every customer. All customers (residential, commercial, and industrial) are charged a customer charge.

What is the Consumption Charge?
The Consumption Charge is the cost of each unit of water each customer uses each billing cycle. Each unit of water measured by your water meter equals 100 cubic feet (CCF).

How Much is a Cubic Foot?
One cubic foot of water equals approximately 7.5 gallons. Danville Utilities charges customers per 100 cubic feet (CCF) of metered water.

State Water Withdrawal Fee (SWWF)
The State Water Withdrawal Fee is also factored into the Water and Wastewater monthly rate. The SWWF is the fee charged by the Virginia Department of Health - Office of Drinking Water to provide technical assistance to small public water supplies. The SWWF is currently set at 25 cents.